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I’m Cindy Holt Smith, and I am a certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, and Yoga Teacher

I help women heal their relationship with food and their bodies, so they can feel comfortable in their own skin, and live their best life ever!


I was about 10 years old when I hit puberty

My body changed. I filled out. Even though I was still a small framed girl, I constantly compared myself to the tall, skinny models in my teen magazines. 


As an adult, I looked like had it all together on the outside

But on the inside, I was full of negative self talk and criticism. (In fact, most of the women I talk to say they would NEVER say to others what they say to themselves, so if you do this, I am here to tell you, girl, you are not alone!) 


I was also constantly comparing myself to others 

And always striving to do more, more, more; I did this not from an area of self-growth; I did it because I felt like whatever I did just wasn’t quite good enough. 


And looking back

I realize that even though I thought I was taking good care of myself, I really wasn't;  I was always putting others needs before my own. I didn’t like doing that, but I was afraid to tell anyone no because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. I was comprising my own well being for the sake of others.


By healing my relationship with food

I was able to heal my relationship with my body, myself, and my life!  I now have healthy boundaries; and stand strong with who I am, how I speak to myself, and how I want to live my life. 


It’s one of the many reasons I became a coach

Because I went through it myself; and I want to help you bridge the gap between the relationship you have with yourself and your body, so you can become empowered to live your best life ever!

 My journey as a hairstylist

Compelled me to learn all I could about Curly Hair;

Having Curly Hair myself, and hating my wild, frizzy hair as a child 

I eventually taught myself how to style and care for my Curls, that’s when the magic happened! I started receiving tons of compliments; people would stop me on the street and tell me how much they loved my hair!

I knew that I needed to share this with others...Hey curly girl! You don’t have ugly hair!

 Your Curls just need a little TLC, Shaping and Care Coaching! Curly hair is definitely a different animal than straight hair; it's more intuitive, you cut based on the individual personality of each curl. I specialize in all types of Wavy and Curly Hair and will give you a cut to tame your unruly mane, (or if you like fullness.... enhance your curl!) and teach you simple techniques to limit frizz and nurture your Curls, instead of fighting them.


I also specialize in Signature Balayage techniques

 And received extensive training from the Loreal Professional SOHO Academy; being the first in the area to become a Certified Balayage Artist. Specializing in Balayage and Curly Hair is another one of my passions because the techniques stem from an intuitive and organic nature; which appeal to the organic and intuitive nature of my personality.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Love, Cindy xoxo