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I’m Cindy Holt Smith, and I am a Body Empowerment Life Coach: I help women stop feeling guilty about their food choices, and stop being unhappy with their bodies, so they can be at peace with food, peace with their bodies, and empower themselves to live a more fulfilling life!  

I was about 10 years old when I hit puberty: my body changed. I filled out. Even though I was still a small frame, I didn't think my body was good enough  because I wasn’t skinny like the models in my teen magazines. And I grew into a woman who had a love-hate relationship with her body, and falling prey to society and Diet Culture.

Diet Culture teaches us to place labels on foods: good vs bad, clean vs dirty; It teaches us some bodies are good and other bodies aren’t. It encourages us to define our self worth based on our external appearance. Guilt around food was a thing for me… this endless cycle when I ate something “bad”. This was something I 

 wrestled with for a long time…

When I started to dismantle Diet Culture, and developed a healthy relationship with food, that lead to gratitude for my body; how to take care of it; and how to nourish myself, I decided I could rewrite my story of that 10 year old girl and use my experience to help others empower their bodies and empower themselves…


That it’s not a “one size fits all “ thing...I had a purpose and a message to convey and I needed to share that to the world…

That we are good enough as we are! 

 My journey as hairstylist compelled me to learn all I could about Curly Hair;

Having Curly Hair myself, and hating my wild, frizzy hair as a child, when I learned how to style and care for my Curls, that’s when the magic happened! I started receiving tons of compliments; people would stop me on the street and tell me how much they loved my hair!

I knew that I needed to share this with others...You don’t have ugly hair; your Curls just need a little TLC Shaping and Care Coaching on how to work with them!

My journey as hairstylist compelled me to learn all I could about Curly Hair; I knew that I had to share what I have learned with others! Curly hair is definitely a different animal than straight hair; cutting Curly Hair is more intuitive, and that is very freeing; I specialize in all types of Wavy and Curly Hair and will give you a cut to tame your unruly mane, (or if you like fullness.... enhance your curl!) and teach you simple techniques to limit frizz and nurture your Curls, instead of fighting them. I also specialize in Signature Balayage techniques, with my training coming from the Loreal Professional SOHO Academy; being the first in the area to become a Certified Balayage Artist. Specializing in Balayage and Curly Hair is another one of my passions because the techniques stem from an intuitive and organic nature; which appeal to the organic and intuitive nature of my personality.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Love, Cindy xoxo