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My self care mission started back in 1985…

When I was in my 20’s; it consisted of eating healthy, going to the gym, getting my hair done, and spending time with my friends.


By my mid thirties, I felt like I needed something more, so I added a meditation and yoga practice.


I even added a massage here and there to round it all out.



That seemed to help carry me into my 40’s, but …

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After 50, I discovered there was more to self care. And I wasn’t doing it

My self care for my mind and soul was suffering big time. I was afraid of making waves, hurting feelings, or letting anyone down, so I said yes when I really wanted to say no.


And when I did say no, I felt guilty as hell. The few times I did ask for help, it was never done right way anyway, so I might as well have done it myself.


My physical self care routine became somewhat of a chore; something I felt I had to check off my never ending list to-do list.


All the years of piling too much on my plate left me miserable, short tempered, and exhausted.

On a regular basis the sh*t would hit the fan and I would loose it, taking out my frustration on the people I loved.



The day that changed my life

After one grandiose “sh*t hit the fan” incident, someone very close to me pointed out that these outbursts were happening pretty regularly; every couple of weeks to be exact.


I was  shocked! I mean, I  knew I had a short fuse… but I had no idea how frequently it was happening! 


After the shock came tears. I stormed out of the room, closed my eyes, took a deep breath.


As I wiped away my tears, I decided it was time to put on my big girl panties, and figure out what I could do to stop living like a ticking time bomb exploding on a moments notice.



I pulled out my journal, and had a “Come to Jesus meeting” with myself. I started writing, and cried some more.


The more I wrote, the more I cried.


I feverishly wrote down my thoughts, and wiped away even more tears. 

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My wake up call inspired me to take better care of myself 

I have to say I learned one of the best lessons of my life that day.


Having my thoughts in black and white in front of me, I discovered what I needed to do to change my thinking patterns and take better care of myself completely; mind, body, and soul.


Things didn’t happen overnight. There were a few setbacks, but I kept moving forward.


Little by little the guilt, and putting everyone else’s needs before my own, seemed to melt away.


And my physical self care routine became enjoyable again.

Loving this new chapter in my life

I am now comfortable with saying no when I need to. I still like to do things myself, but if I need help, I ask for it, and don’t feel the least bit guilty about it.


And rarely fly off the handle when the sh*t hits the fan.


And those close to me make it a point to tell me that I am calmer, more patient, and more fun to be around!

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Sharing the love

I love helping women 50 and wiser take better care of themselves, so in this next part of their life, they can become an even better partner, parent, family member and friend.


I would love to help you make more time for yourself, and be the best YOU to the people that matter the most. 

Click the button below to discover simple, easy ways to make more time for yourself that you can start doing right away!

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