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Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day so you could just have time for you?

You’ve said yes to everyone for years you’ve worked more than your share of overtime, did  the room mom thing, went on every class trip, cooked the meals, and packed the lunches. Did  everyone’s laundry, cleaned the house, and took care of everyone else’s needs; when is it going to be your turn?



Do you come home from work exhausted, short-tempered, and picking a fight with your partner or someone else because you don’t have any time for you?



You would love to make time for yourself, but with everything and everyone else demanding your attention, where do you begin?


Does it seem that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to make any type of “me time” stick? You start out with good intentions in the beginning of the week, and by Thursday everything has gone out the window…

Discover How to Make More Time for Yourself:

 Simple Ways You Can Implement Right Away!

In my,"Make Time For You" 45 minute session, you will discover:


What’s really getting in your way?

You will learn how to Identify the hidden time sucks and thinking patterns that are interfering with making time for you; how you can reduce them, or eliminate them altogether!


How to make time for you!

Now we take a look at your day! Together, we will come up with simple and easy things you can do each day-- no matter how busy you are!

Maybe you feel guilty about making yourself a priority, or you think that putting yourself first is selfish… 

Do you feel like a failure when it comes to your self care? After all, you’ve taken care of everyone else…shouldn’t you be able to do this yourself? And why is it so hard to take better care of yourself?

Or you might have trouble remembering what you love to do?


You are realizing that you might need more help to get your self care on track because, lately, almost everything has been getting on your nerves; you've been short-tempered with your family and coworkers. 


Honestly, you cannot remember the last time you had a heart to heart conversation with your best friend that didn't involve complaining and feeling guilty for feeling that way..

In my 12 Session Mind, Body, and Soul VIP Coaching Package you will discover how  to:


We will start by creating your vision of what taking better care of yourself will look like. By creating a clear image of what being a healthier, energized, and well rested version of yourself would be you will see how you can become a better partner, family member, and friend. After we create your vision, we will discover the things your soul values the most; your core values. These values serve as your driving force, and are unique to only you. They are the internal compass that will assist you in staying true to your vision



Now that you have your vision and the driving force behind it in place, now we look at how you're spending your time. Together, we will come up with simple and easy things you can do each day, and be able to start incorporating moments in your day to pause, breathe, and reconnect; plus develop quick evening self-care rituals that will promote healthy sleep cycles. We will also work on setting boundaries with yourself and others (e.g. learning when to say no, so that you don’t feel guilty for taking that yoga class instead of being home doing the laundry!).



#3 SHIFT YOUR THINKING (3-4 sessions)

Having established your vision, values and self-care plan, we will start to identify thinking patterns that don’t serve you anymore (e.g. “You have taking care of everyone else for years, you should be able to figure out how to take care of yourself!”...“No one else seems to be struggling with this, only you. So, you must be the problem!”... “You are who you are, and will never change.”) Journaling exercises will also help you identify thought patterns and behaviors that are not in line with your vision and core values. As you become aware of the behaviors, you will be able to make changes and be on your way to becoming a more loving, and confident woman - and an even better partner, family member, and friend!




At this point, we have created space in your day and addressed common thinking patterns that don’t support you. Now, we will focus specifically on thought patterns around eating and moving your body and develop new relationships with these areas. We will address feelings you might have associated with food (e.g. feeling “guilty” for eating something “bad” or “not good” for you) or uneasy feelings about exercise (e.g. you HAVE to exercise to stay thin, or, exercise is a chore, and something you have to check off your “to do” list). Coaching techniques combined with session pre-work will help you identify behaviors that are not in line with your new way of taking better care of yourself. When you are aware of these behaviors, it is much easier stay on track and course correct whenever necessary!

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