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 In the last few years, my life felt like it was spiraling out of control.   I lost some of my most important family members - my Father, my Grandmother, my Stepmom, and more recently, my precious fur-baby of 16 years!! 

My kids are grown and out of the house, and now, my husband and I are both retired -  and at one point, we struggled to find shared interests. I began to think that life just “wasn’t fair!”  I gained weight, was often depressed, cried a LOT, and was “skeptical” - seeming to only see the negative things going on around me.  I started questioning my own worth and purpose - I was caught-up in how much I hated my life and thought I was doomed to live this way for the rest of it! Unfortunately, I also realized that this was not just affecting me, but the people that I loved!                     

     Not knowing where else to turn, I was seeking a counselor, but was hesitant to make a choice.  As if it was MEANT TO BE, my husband randomly found an ad on Facebook that would change my life for the better!  Who knew that a Life Coach was what I needed??!! Cindy Holt Smith saw that I was “broken” and lacked self-esteem.  She was like an Angel sent from Heaven, because when I couldn’t do it myself, SHE picked me up, dusted me off, and redirected me!! 

She helped me understand that I wasn’t living my life for ME, and I was happy doing everything I did in life FOR OTHERS!! (What perfect sense this made, given the fact that I helped care for my elders, and was a mom, not to mention a Special Ed Teacher!). 

I learned that I don’t have to say “yes” to things I do not choose for myself .  I came to realize that I am allowed to have unfavorable moments that bring me down, and I am getting beyond them more easily and quickly - no pity, no wallowing, but in the spirit of EMPATHY! 

She taught me how to embrace my flaws and imperfections, teaching me resilience in the process. She helped me realize that I don’t have to wait for others to make me happy - I can do it myself with the choices I make everyday, doing what I believe in and what is uplifting for ME!  

I am allowing the unknown of every encounter of each day fill me with joy, no longer setting “expectations” for myself or others!  I am finding it easier to forgive, and let go of moments that hurt or break my heart.  I know that life isn’t always easy, but because of Cindy, I am able to now trust the journey!  I have even been working with a personal trainer - Cindy has helped me with this part of my journey by encouraging me not to use the word “diet,” but “life-style change!”  (I also love the fact that she believes in “moderation, not deprivation.” ) 

She truly IS empowering me - she put me in charge of my own life, which gives me the power to change what makes me unhappy, and change the way my story plays out!  

The person I am coming to be is the one I have been waiting for, and because of this, my husband and I are going to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary, more IN LOVE than ever!  I am living a life of my own choosing, with unbridled abandon, curiosity, and bravery!  Cindy’s empowerment coaching is like the Japanese art style of  “Kintsukuroi,”  - a style of repairing broken ceramic with gold to make it become more beautiful and stronger than before! 

-Marilyn (Lynn) Beres

coaching client

My coaching experience with Cindy was wonderful, I began working with Cindy at a very hectic point in my year. I was in the midst of working a full time job and applying to schools. I was not making time to exercise and and there was no better time to get started. Having coaching calls really helped me to understand myself as well as my body and what it takes to nourish it. I will continue to follow her guides to success as I move forward.

-Laura G

coaching client

Having Cindy as a coach was an awesome experience.  Cindy helped me dig into myself to find what was most important to me for my wellbeing. She pushed me to be honest with myself, in the most gentle, nonjudgmental encouraging way. The thing I’ve craved my entire marriage, is to be closer to my husband and spend more time together- we are doing it!​ I learned a lot about myself, so I was able to move on and be free. I thank Cindy for that.

-Barb C

coacing client

I have been going to Cindy for years my hair color and cut. She is knowledgeable of current hair care such as cut and color technology. I have curly/wavy hair and trust Cindy with giving me a cut and color that I am always happy with.  Cindy has unique knowledge and experience with how to cut and style curly hair. I don’t trust many stylists with cutting my hair because some don’t really know how to cut curly hair properly, but I trust Cindy and I love the results."this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


fellow curly girl

I have been a client of Cindy’s for maybe close to 15 years now, which should tell you that she is beyond talented in many ways. When you can actually tell your hair-stylist to “do whatever you think looks best” and each time it comes out perfectly, why go to anyone else. She has mastered my hair color and balayage; she cuts it flawlessly to compliment my face, she is beyond professional, and most of all she has become my friend. As well as being an incredible hair-stylist, Cindy is also my yoga teacher. She introduced me to her yoga class in 2014, and drastically changed my view on myself. She taught me to love myself and my body, (and not just my hair) and because of her, I am grateful!

-Melanie W

hair client and yoga student

I have hard to manage curly hair. I was having a really hard time with my texture and how to style it, and Cindy came to my rescue. She paid special attention to my curly hair needs, she styled it just right with her talented hands, and gave me tips on keeping it looking it's best, including amazing products that actually work with my hair. She gave me styling tips, and trimmed out the dead ends without shortening it, and most of all an amazing new color that gets compliments everywhere I go....The most important of all is my hair is growing and looking more beautiful than ever before......Thank you, Cindy for your talent and caring ways!

-Gisela F

fellow curly girl

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