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Blog Posts.....Feeling the fear and doing it anyway! :-)

So here I am with my very own website, and my very own blog to write down whatever my heart desires; and I am thinking to myself, "Oh my gosh what does that LOOK like?!" I have found myself procrastinating BIG TIME about this; although I have always wanted to start blogging. It's seems like a really fun thing to do; documenting some of the things you do in life, plus some cool tips, tricks, and info people can use to enrich their lives......

But then then my OCD starts to kick in: I find myself picking apart every sentence because the perfectionist in me feels everything has to be grammatically correct. (I really don't have OCD, but I can be so particular about things I at times drive myself crazy!

Then my loving heart takes over and assures me that if I write and speak from my heart, and try my best, then it will turn out real and wonderful. It's taken me a very long time to come to the point in my life to know the difference between trying my best and perfection. Ok, I will admit it; when you look in my refrigerator and my cabinets all the labels are facing outward, and if you move them slightly I am gong to know that you did it (lol) but that is who I am and I accept and love that about myself; I love organization and order; I function very well that way. But trying to be be perfect in other aspects of my life.........I am ok with imperfection; in fact imperfect is my idea of perfection ; if I wait to write the "perfect" blog post, it will never get written.

So what is procrastination anyway? Why do I sometimes revert back to everything having to be perfect?

I have figured it out.....It is fear my friends!

Yes, I admit that I am afraid and have been afraid of a ton of things in my life; and I have missed out on some great opportunities because of it.

I have also worked through fear and enjoyed some amazing times because of it.

I have come to the conclusion that the more you grow out of your comfort zone, the more afraid you become. I used to think that I would be able to not be afraid of anything ever again, but I now know that that is not true! To say that I will be 100% confident and fearless every single minute of every single day it the level of perfection that doesn't exist. And I am totally ok with that! TOTALLY!

To be able to feel the fear and do it anyway is so rewarding ; that's the way to build and maintain confidence.

So, even though publishing my first blog is a scary thing, I am going to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Thanks for reading and accompanying me on this amazing journey!

Love, Cindy xoxo

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