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Celebrate Your Wins!

Celebrating your “wins” is a real game changer for your health and well being! 

Are you celebrating your wins? I used to be a person that worked on a project and NEVER took a break until it was finished (I am a person with INCREDIBLE focus…I am a BEAST when I start working on something…lol)  

This time home has really helped me shift my focus from, DOING to BEING. Being home for two months has given me time to pause, and focus on my breath throughout the day. 

These breaks started out as “pause and breathe breaks” where I would stop what I was doing, and reconnect with my breath, and my body. And it was a real game changer; I was calmer, had more energy, and was in a better mood.

Some of these breath breaks, little by little, started to turn into celebration breaks; you see, any little task or accomplishment task deserves a celebration! Remember back when we were in school ,and the teacher gave us a sticker or a gold star for a job well done? Let’s not wait til the end of the day or the end of the week to celebrate a job well done! 

  • Celebrating after you have finished a task could look like: 

  • making yourself your favorite cup of tea or chai  

  • a tasty snack or smoothie

  • curling up for a few minutes with a book

  • journaling, drawing, or coloring

  • taking a bath

  • taking a walk

  • yoga 

  • stretching

  • watching an episode of your favorite tv show

  • dancing

  • calling a friend

As a matter of fact, as soon as I am finished writing this email, I am going to celebrate by tuning into an episode of my favorite Netflix show, Dead To Me.

Celebrate! …do it now and do it often!

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