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The Power of Nature on Your Mood

Did you know that being in nature has a profound effect on your mood and your well being? Research shows that being in nature naturally boosts your mood, and promotes a positive sense of well being. 

Being in nature is also effective in promoting a positive body image! 

When we feel more connected to nature, it’s easier for us to let go of what we feel our bodies should look like. 

And when that happens, we are then free to experience the true feeling of peace while being outdoors. Remember when you were little? Heck with everything else…let's just get outside and play! Take a walk in your back yard, or at the local park; feel the warmth of the sun on your face, inhale all the scents of the season; lay back in the grass and look up at the sky (my personal favorite as a child) or, take a walk on the beach and feel the warm breeze against your skin as you inhale the crisp ocean air.

Bring your focus to what the air feels like as you breathe; the sights of where you are; the sounds; be really present as you drink in all of nature’s beauty.

Can’t get outside?

  • Invest in plants- I love having a few plants in my living space to bring nature to me when I cannot get outside. 

  • Look at pictures of nature- Research shows that looking at pictures of nature can boost your mood, as well as following nature accounts on social media, and watching short films on nature

Experience the true joy of being outdoors; get outside and allow the outdoors to nourish you from the inside out, and have a profound effect on your mood, your well being, and body image! xoxo

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