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I have absolutely no desire to fit in...

I’ve always stood out and was different; back in the day when I was “finding my way,” full of fear and ego driven, I was trying to fit in because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Let me tell you it was a hot mess of a situation. When I was “expected” to do something, I would do the opposite just to piss people off. I liked to ruffle feathers, and make waves!

But when I began to understand my personality and what makes me tick, I realized that when I acted this way I was letting my ego take over and I wasn’t expressing my true self, or doing what I was meant to do in this life.

When I figured out who I was, my purpose and focus became clearer; and it wasn’t to piss people off or push them away. I was put on this earth to make waves, make things happen, and spread the message that everyone has the ability to express and never suppress who they are, and create an amazing life for themselves!!

I still have no desire to fit in, and I like it that way. The world needs people like me who walk to their own beat.

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