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Finally, An End To The Packing Nightmare!

Are you planning a vacation or a weekend getaway? Does the thought of packing for you, your spouse, and/or your family make you tense up like crazy? Then read on my friend, with a few ideas to keep you organized for your next trip away from home!

Purchase a toiletries bag, keep it stocked and ready to go!

Take a look at your daily routine, and see what you and your family use and purchase duplicates. Invest in travel sized hair and body products, (or buy small containers and fill them up yourself) an extra hair brush, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste, even a travel sized blow dryer so you don’t have to pack your big one. I always have my travel bag ready, and leave it out the night before I am ready to leave; when I am getting ready in the morning, I throw in the makeup I am going to use on my trip, put the bag in my suitcase, and I am ready to leave! When I get home from my trip, I refill my travel bottles, and this way I am stocked and ready to go for my next trip.

Make up a list of EVERYTHING you want to take with you on your trip, and save it in your computer.

Now print out your list and start packing! Check things off as you place them into your suitcase. Pack the completed list too, to ensure that all of the stuff that you brought with you ends up coming home with you!

Get organized with packing!

I am a packing nazi-nerd, and I feel that has by far the best packing essentials I have ever seen. They have super awesome products and offer great tips and video super organized packing!

I would love to hear about your packing solutions! Drop me a line below!

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