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The EASY Way To Declutter...How To Let Go Of More Than FIFTY Things That No Longer Serve You....In A

OMgosh doesn't it feel oh so good when you FINALLY get rid of the "unwanted stuff" that no longer serves you? You know what I am talking about ... the pants you paid a FORTUNE for, but ended up wearing, like ONCE, ended up stashed in the back of your closet, never seeing the light of day for YEARS; maybe DECADES!..The stretched out bra (or bras) that you keep wearing because, "nobody sees you in them but you"...the slew of unsightly gifts your Aunt Tillie gave you that you feel guilty getting rid of; so you stash them in the back of your linen closet, only to bring them out when she visits once a year so she won't think you don't love her... The appliance you bought because the infomercial made it look like it was something you couldn't live without... The list goes on and on .......

Fall is a great time of year to grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte, take an hour to start get rid of things you don't love, and no longer add value to your life, and no longer serve you! ADDED BONUS.... The holidays will be here before you know it, and what better way to prepare for them then making some space for the upcoming things that life has to offer!

UGH! But WHERE do you start?!?! I've got you covered, my friend!

You will need:

Two boxes or bags;

One for trash,

One for donations and giveaways.

Kitchen timer, or timer on your phone

Fun music

Your favorite beverage (alcoholic, or non alcoholic)

If the list below resonates with you, print it out and you're on your way! If not, then create your own! Write down what areas you are going to zero in on, and how many items you will declutter from each!

10 things from your bathroom

expired cosmetics, makeup brushes, hair brushes, curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers, products or toiletries you never use, or don't use anymore.

10 things from your junk drawer

if you haven't used it in months, don't know what it is, or saving it "just in case," chuck it. (just in case = never!)

10 things from your kitchen

duplicate measuring cups, appliances you don't use, (that juicer that was such a great idea that you have used once; give it to someone who will benefit from it!). extra dishes, cups, chipped or cracked dishes, ratty or extra dish towels.Trash expired food in your pantry and fridge and donate anything unopened from the pantry that you never use. Freezer- anything that has freezer burn; get rid of it!

Linen Closet or Laundry Room

extra towels, sheets, blankets, nick knacks, etc.

10 things from your bedroom

extra books, decorative items that you don't enjoy, extra furniture (the piece of exercise equipment doubling as a clothes rack) nightstand clutter.

20+ things from your closet

clothes that don't fit, shoes that give your blisters, anything with a price tag on it (unless you just bought it).socks with holes in them, underwear and bras that have seen their better days, things that your don't like to wear, and anything that doesn't make you smile when you put it on.

20 things from your kids room

clothes they don't wear anymore and toys they don't play with.

Set your timer on your phone for 60 minutes, play some fun music, and go for it! If you have kids, .get them involved!

I love doing this purge from time to time....I always come away feeling empowered....and lighter!

If you are having difficulty getting started, or feeling resistance, (which is perfectly normal) It might help to ask yourself the question, "Does this "thing," add value and/or beauty to my life?" If the answer is "NO", then lovingly part with it!.

Let me know what you think and how it goes by leaving me a comment below! xoxo

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