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Three Easy Ways To Nourish Yourself; Right Here, Right Now!

Let’s talk about nourishing yourself…. are you doing it? It’s easy to get caught up in day to day life, and sometimes forget what’s important to our health and well being; we put others needs before our own, and before you know it, we are stressed, frazzled, and resentful.

Give yourself some love this month with my three tips to nourish yourself!

Tip #1- Start the day with a a glass of water

Starting your day by drinking a glass of water revs up your metabolism, flushes out toxins, and fuels your brain. I can definitely tell the difference in my body and brain on the days that I do this versus the days that I don’t. The easiest way to remind yourself to do this is to place a glass of water on your bedside table before you go to bed tonight and drink it before you get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Tip #2- Take a Mineral Salt Bath

I take a mineral salt bath almost every night as part of my evening ritual. The combination of Epsom salts and baking soda are an excellent way to help draw out the impurities in the body, and are beneficial for removing any negative energy you might have encountered throughout the day. If you are not a bath taker, you can use mineral salts as a body scrub while you shower, and receive the same benefits; they leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized; like you’ve been at the beach all day!

Here is the link for my homemade bath salt recipe; on my blog. Give it a try!

Tip #3- Allow Yourself A Little Something Sweet, and Savor the Experience

Sweets are totally ok from time to time, and combining them with whole food ingredients are the better choice for how your body metabolizes the ingredients. If you are a chocolate lover, you have to check out my Chocolate Brownie Bite Truffles featured on my blog. You can make them in minutes, and are made from cocoa, nut butter, oats, and use dates in place of sugar. Enjoy them with a mug of your favorite hot beverage while sitting in your comfy chair!

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