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Detox By Eating More Greens

Spring is almost here! And while you may be getting the “itch”to spring clean your house and get rid of what you don’t need anymore, have you ever thought about a spring cleaning for your body by adding more greens to you diet? It isn’t any coincidence that they are in season right now..they offer a ton of health benefits; a couple worth mentioning is that they are very cleansing and detoxifying for your body, and give you great hair and skin!

How can you sneak more greens into your diet? It’s easier than you think! Toss a handful of spinach, baby kale, or spring mix into your morning smoothie. Have a handful of salad with your favorite dressing with lunch and another handful with dinner and there you go! Three servings of greens a day with very little effort! Salads do take a little bit of time to make, and when I make my salad for dinner, I make enough for a few portions and leave it in the fridge. This way there is always a handful of salad ready!

If you regularly practice the measurement of one handful of greens = one ready to eat serving, you'll be effortlessly on your way to adding more greens into your day. Try it and see!

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