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Let's Break a Habit...Together!

You want to change a habit that no longer serves you; and you decide that THIS time will be different.

THIS time you will STICK to your guns and follow through with this.

You start out REALLY well in the beginning, but along the way, something happens; laundry, the house, grocery shopping, cooking meals, your job, family, commitments, schoolwork. You slowly (or maybe abruptly) end up right back to the beginning; feeling just plain “stuck” and back to your old habits.

What happened? The answer is simple; we as human beings don't really like change and we have to visit and revisit our goals when things start to slip back into the same old routine.

The way you form a new habits is by doing it over and over again until it becomes a routine.

Just like brushing your teeth. Let's form a new habit together; shall we?

Grab a pen and paper, set a timer for 5 minutes and write down what you would like to do, or change in your life, that is in your control. Don't think too much; just write down what comes to your mind, no matter how silly or crazy it may seem.

Keep writing until your timer goes off. This is called brain dumping; and it is a great way to get out the stuff that has been lingering in your head.

When you do these next three parts, notice what comes up for you; if you experience feelings of guilt or uncomfortableness, just let them arise, and understand that what you are feeling is your brain's resistance to change, and that is a normal feeling to have.

1-Circle ONE thing you want to achieve.

2-Write down all the things that you will enjoy if you made this happen for yourself.

3- Write down all the things that could possibly stop you from achieving this goal.

Now that you know what it is you want to achieve, all the things you will enjoy when you achieve it, and what obstacles you will run into, you are better armed to make a lasting change.

Keep your list in view so you can see it every day, and it will help keep you on track.

Breaking an old habit takes time; if you slip back into your old routine, gently guide yourself back to your list, and begin again.

Now go for it! xoxo

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