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Nourish Your Body With A Healthy Dose Of Sunshine!

This is the perfect time of year to nourish your body a healthy dose of sunshine!

As little as 20 minutes of sunlight does a body good! If you enjoy walking, take a walk out in nature or around your neighborhood! If you love to dig in the dirt, get out into your garden! When natural sunlight hits your skin, it triggers your body’s production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D protects you against inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, helps your muscles, and improves brain function! Plus you will get plenty of fresh air, and a nourished spirit!

Why not make it a ritual to get outside for 20 minutes a day and experience nature? Don’t have time for 20 minutes? Start with 5-10 minutes and build from there.

Now go ahead and get outside and soak up all the goodness that sunshine has to offer!

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