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Always Say Yes To The Present Moment

"Always say 'yes' to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say 'yes' to life -- and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you." --Eckhart Tolle

What can you say yes to?

Right this second.

Did you ever have something come along just when you need it?

It happened to me just the other day when this saying from Eckhart Tolle showed up in my inbox. I had like a SERIOUSLY CRAPPY day the day before, and even after taking a shower, getting dressed, and sitting down at my laptop, I STILL couldn’t shake that heaviness I was feeling from the day before.

As I read Eckhart’s words of wisdom. It prompted me to get out my journal and write down, “I say YES to creativity!”

At that moment, it was like a surge of energy went through my body and the heaviness from the day before was gone; I didn’t forget about it, but I was no longer ATTACHED to the FEELING of it.

And then I wrote this blog post.

So I ask you my friend, what can you say yes to this very second?

Photo by @kerestesyviewfinder

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