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What is Perfectionism?

  • Setting UNATTAINABLE standards for yourself

  • NEVER being satisfied with ANYTHING less than “PERFECT”

  • Feeling overly depressed unworthy when you make a mistake

  • Fear of failure

  • Become OVERLY defensive when criticized, and maybe highly criticizing others as well

So where does perfectionism stem from anyway?

Perfectionism, is the fear that you might not succeed at something, and then be exposed as a failure to either yourself, or to others.

When you break down perfectionism for what it is, it becomes very simple

Perfectionism stems from fear; and giving into fear keeps us in from being the best version of ourselves.

When I coach people on lifestyle change, I introduce them to something I like to call the “Mindset Game” Let me explain what the Mindset Game looks like: Let’s say, you have a fear of failure. Since perfectionism is mainly fear based, let’s call this the, “I am afraid to make a mistake,” Mindset Game.

Let’s play a new game and “Shine Bright Like A Toddler!”

What would happen if you played a different game with yourself? What if, instead of being afraid to make a mistake, you played the mindset of “shining bright,” like a toddler?”

It might look something like this

“I am shining, happy, exploring, curious, and loving it!” Here, you are in a place of non judgement; always moving forward with learning and improving because, let’s face it, you don’t know anything else BUT that existed. Your mindset didn’t know anything else BUT to move forward.

Shift your Mindset Game from, “Perfectionism” To, “Shine Bright Like A Toddler”

  • Set bite sized standards for yourself that are challenging, move you a BIT out of your comfort zone, but are within reach

  • Enjoy the journey of your efforts as well as the outcome

  • Acknowledge your fear of failure, and then continue to move forward with your plan (visualize a toddler learning to walk)

  • See mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning

  • React positively to helpful criticism, and be less critical of others

When you come from the place of a healthy mindset, you are in a place of being the best version yourself; for you and for others.

There is no reason to hide them from the world

We all have flaws, and we all make mistakes. Your flaws, imperfections and quirks combined with every other thing about you are what make you YOU. Celebrate that because YOU are the most amazing human being around.

Shine bright like a toddler my friends! xoxo

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