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Why Our New Years Resolutions Don't Stick

Have you ever tried to make a change and SWEAR that THIS time it’s going to be different? That you will STICK to your guns and follow through with moving your body more, kicking your cravings, or loosing that last 10 or more pounds? You start out REALLY well in the beginning, but along the way, life gets in the way; the laundry, the house, grocery shopping, cooking meals, your job, family, commitments, schoolwork. And before you know it, you end up right back to the beginning; back to your old habits, and feeling like a loser because you have failed AGAIN!

Letting my goals and resolutions go by the wayside is something I experienced not to long ago, too. My turning point came when I finally realized I was missing the most important piece of the puzzle for following through! More on that missing piece later.

First, I want to share 3 steps with you…these are the exact same techniques I use with myself and with my coaching clients to achieve follow through. You will need pen and paper, tablet, or computer, and about 5-15 minutes:

1. Find your goals Imagine snapping your fingers and fast forwarding to say, three months from now. What would you like to have your health, body, and life be like? Make it something achieveable and SPECIFIC. When I work with coaching clients we always have a plan of action; this is a crucial step in finding out what your goals are and how to achieve them.

Examples would be:

  • “I want to loose 10-15 pounds” instead of,“I want to loose weight”

  • “I want to break my sugar habit” instead of, “I want to eat less junk food”

Now write them down; It’s easier to achieve your goals when they are out of your head and in print; circle 1-3 that speak to you most.

2. Fast forward to your future self Imagine It’s 3 months from now, and you have achieved all of your goals. How would that make a difference in your life? How would you walk, talk and act? How would achieving your goal make a difference to other important people in your life? Write down what comes to mind.

3. Think of all the things that will stop you from reaching your goals Write down all the things you can think of that would stop you, slow you down, or sabotage you from reaching your goals. When I work with clients we help identify what sabotage looks like so they can recognize it and stop it before it starts.

4. Form your “I am” statement Now make an agreement with yourself that you will follow through with your goal. Write down your agreement a sticky note with the statement, “I am_________”. You can put one next to your toothbrush, one on your night stand so you can see it first thing in the morning and last before bed at night. Other great places are on your computer or phone…get creative here!

Here is the important piece of the puzzle that I was telling you about earlier:

5. Set up accountability if we don’t have someone to support us or hold us accountable and responsible for our actions, we might be setting ourselves up for failure; find a buddy, family member, or a coach who can hold you accountable for your actions.

Now go for it! You know what it is you want to achieve, all the things you will enjoy when you achieve it, what obstacles you will run into, and someone to hold you accountable and responsible for your actions, you are better armed to make a lasting change!

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