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Before You Unconsciously Reach For That Piece Of Chocolate...Ask Yourself This...

What do you do when you are feeling bored, stressed, tired, or cranky? Do you grab a piece of chocolate... a cookie, a pretzel, or something else to soothe your jangled nerves or boredom?

It tastes oh so good going down... but a little while later, the guilt settles in, you feel puffy and bloated, and end up feeling worse than before you started!

What to do? -Before you reach for that food to soothe yourself or your boredom....

STOP! Take a breath, and step away from the cookie jar!

Ask yourself.... What in me needs to be nourished right now?

What can you give to yourself that you are not giving yourself already?

Do you need more you time? A relaxing bath, meditation, yoga, curling up with a good book, one on one time with friends or family?

What do you need to let go of in order to say, "YES" to YOU?

We need to MAKE the time for ourselves; it will not just HAPPEN! Could you spend less time scrolling Social Media or watching TV to make time for some you time?

When you give yourself what you are really craving instead of defaulting to the quick fix, you will feel better, and be healthier as well!


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