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Take a Moment, Take a Breath

Good morning my friend!

Today I am telling you to take a moment, take a breath, and take a break.

Now some of you might be thinking, "What is she crazy?"I am laid off! My whole day is one entire break! Or, because you (and possibly your spouse) are working from home, trying to balance work and home life, AND schooling your kids; all under one roof.Or, you are an essential worker who is going to work every day, and just trying to do your best.

I get it! And I hear you!

And although our experiences and situations might be totally different,  it all boils down to one thing:Taking a moment and taking a breath is essential to reconnect with our bodies, and replenish ourselves!

I share with my clients that our bodies are meant to move; and meant to breathe deeply and fully. If we sit too long, we become stagnant. If we don't breathe deeply and fully, it keeps our body in a constant state of stress. 

And working all day without a break is also a recipe for exhaustion and burnout

Plan short times to regroup;study your schedule and see where you can fit in those moments of calm and presence. Even if you are home and binge watching your favorite series on Netflix.

And if you're thinking to yourself,"No sweat, I don't have to tell myself to do this, I will just work it in," and leave it up to chance, it probably won't work. 

When you program yourself to stop,even for 2 minutes to practice gratitude (see my blog post on gratitiude here) you are telling your subconscious mind there will be relief.

Take a walkand breathe in the fresh scent of Spring 

Do some yoga stretches and unwind

If you are working,and cannot get outside, go to the restroom.Do not take your phone. Stretch and breathe

Planning moving and breathing breaks is a way of nurturing our bodies and rejuvenating our energy!

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