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Do You Multitask While You Are Eating?

Something called me to write about this today... WHO are being when you are eating is just as important as WHAT you are eating. I know that I sure could use the little reminder about this about you?

  • Are you watching tv, or listening to the news while you are eating?

  • Maybe you are eating way too fast, or eating out of boredom or frustration

  • And how do you feel when you aren’t paying attention to your food while you are eating? 

Can you imagine what it does to our body, mind, and spirit when we aren't paying attention to our food? Self care and showing ourselves love starts with who we are being while we are eating.

  • Be present with yourself before you put any food into your mouth, take a moment to see if that is what your body actually needs. You might be thirsty, tired, or stressed and looking for some old fashioned TLC. Take a few breaths, and ask yourself if it's food that you need, or is it something else. (Maybe it's a drink of water, a nap, a walk outside, a hug or a phone or video call from a loved one)

  • Before your meal, bring yourself to the present moment by taking a few breaths, and if it resonates with you, offer thanks. When we slow down and take the time to be present with the food we are eating,

  • Chew your food thoroughly The longer chew your food, the better it will taste, and you will feel more fulfilled. Chewing slowly allows our body to be in a more relaxed state, digest our food proplerly, and therefore, work more efficiently! 


  • Go for a walk, run, or bike ride

  • Work in your yard

  • Video call your friends and family

  • Cook a great new recipe

  • Take a bath

  • Put on music and dance around your living room (my personal favorite since I was a teenager!)

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