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Do you want to establish a night time routine?

Do you remember your bedtime routine when you were little? I remember mine! 

My mother would tell me it was time to "start" to get ready for bed; and that meant it was time for a bath.

And time to start to wind down for the evening.

At times she would really have to use some persuasive techniques to get me near the tub because I didn't want anything to interrupt my play time, or whatever "thing of importance" I was doing after dinner.

When she finally did get me in there, she couldn't get me out of there! I would be in there playing until my fingers turned into prunes! 

When I was finished, all squeaky clean, I remember how god it felt to have her wrap the towel around me, slip into my pajamas, have a snack and watch my favorite tv show.

Pure love and security.

Then it was off to bed where she would read me a story or tell me a story, prayers, and off to sleep.

Then came the time when I thought I was too old for a bath; and the entire night time routine went down the drain.

And that continued into my adulthood

Showering in the morning, going full steam all day, and collapsing into bed at night without any transition from daytime mode to sleep mode.

Does this sound familiar?

During this pandemic where we are forced to look at life a little differently, I have to say that I am craving my childhood night time routine!

And I am bringing it BACK!

Now more than ever it is imperative that we step up our self care routines; a bed time routine is a great and easy way to promote a healthy state of mind and better sleep.

And better sleep is something we all can use! 

About an hour before bedtime is a perfect time to settle in; if you are a bath taker, run your bath water; you can add some epsom salts for detoxification; (essential oils make a nice touch as well; lavender is really relaxing).

Set out your pajamas in the bathroom so you are already to slip into them after you dry your body off. When you are finished and pull the drain, imagine all your cares floating  down with the water.

 If you are a shower taker, taking a shower before bed can work just as well for transitioning into your evening. And as you are showering, imagine all your cares being washed down the drain.

After you are all clean, maybe have a cup of tea, wind with a good book, journal, or some light yoga or mediation before bed.

And off to dream-land.

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