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How Often Do You Show Yourself Love?

Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with a woman who said she wanted to learn how to love herself. I knew this all too well because self love had been something I wanted to achieve, so I could teach others to do it as well. And, a funny thing happened as I started on my path to discover self love; I realized that self love had always been present for me, I just didn't realize it was there!  You see, it all starts with home (ourselves being "home") We do love ourselves; otherwise we wouldn't be capable of loving others!  I share this with a lot of women Maybe what we are craving isn't about learning to love ourselves; maybe it's learning how to SHOW ourselves love! Let's talk about a different kind of self care: showing yourself love! The phrases self-care and self-love are all the rage but what do they really mean? As I said earlier, my belief is that self love is always present within us...showing ourselves love, on the other hand, can be something foreign to us if we have gotten into the habit of always putting ourselves on the back burner. How you can bring self love to light Make a mental note of all the things that you already do for yourself; cooking, eating, brushing your teeth, showering, grocery shopping, clothing yourself, putting a roof over your head; these are the given ways you love and care for yourself on a basic level.  Sometimes the basic loving things we do for ourselves are so routine that we can take them for granted; recognizing them brings them to the forefront and enables us to  practice gratitude so we can become abundant in our thinking and let our love for ourselves flourish.  Keep spreading the love The next step you may want to journal on... Write down 1-3 things that you could do for yourself right now to embellish on what are are already doing. Here are a few ideas to get you started Maybe you want to get to bed 15 minutes earlier, take a bath or shower before bed, join a dance, yoga or art class, wake up 15 minutes earlier and sit with your coffee or tea and read to ease into your day, or put on some music and dance around the room. Then pick one and do it over the next week and see how you feel!  The beautiful thing is that when we acknowledge that self love is always present, showing ourselves love becomes  a true state of being.

Love, Cindy xoxo

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