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Just Let That Sh*t Go!

Oh my gosh have you ever had one of those weeks where the sh*t hits the fan💩

😳With everything coming together a perfect storm of circumstance and emotion? I can so relate because that was my week last week AND this week for sure; a time where I had to completely surrender and let go of any foreseeable outcome that was the original game plan.

⭐️Last week I had a simple, non invasive procedure and three days later ended up not being able to finish my work day, and by 7:00 that night, in the emergency room with extreme excruciating pain; so much that it took three different kinds of IV pain medications to take it away; it seems the lithotripsy that I had earlier that week (shock wave therapy to dissolve kidney stones so they pass easily) had did it's trick, but the stones had “railroaded” together as they started to pass.

⭐️This couldn't have come at a worse time; we have a ton of family stuff going on at the moment, I was scheduled to sub for Kasey's yoga class on Sunday, had a full schedule at the salon and quite a few things lined up at the beginning of the week as well!

⭐️The trip to the ER led to an overnight stay in the hospital and another procedure the next day to place a stent in. And coupled with the fact that the only time I have ever been in the hospital other that this was when I was 19 and had my wisdom teeth out in a same day surgery procedure.

⭐️So, needless to say, I was very frightened and totally out of my comfort zone; I am so grateful that I had my family by my side; holding my hand and telling me to "squeeze their hand" when the pain got too be too much. As I mentioned we are going through some family stuff right now, and I am grateful we were able to talk together once the meds kicked in.

⭐️My family felt helpless because they couldn't take away my pain; and I get it; I have been in the same situation. One thing I learned from all of this is although we feel helpless when we cannot take away the pain of others, having loved ones by your side while you are going through the uncomfortable shitty situations in life always makes it that much better. And that is worth it's weight in gold.

⭐️Monday and Tuesday were more trips back to the doctors office because the stent kept moving

⭐️If something doesn’t quite feel right , it isn’t. After the second trip to the doctors and I was still having problems with the stent, I went back to the office and found the doors locked because they had finished for the day. I saw cars in the parking lot and I knew the staff was still there. I tried to call and left a message with their call center and when I didn’t hear back from them I decided I needed help right then and there, and I banged on the door until someone let me in.

❤️I am forever grateful for the nurse who decided to open the door for me.

⭐️I ended up having another surgery yesterday to remove the old stent, place different stent in and remove another big stone too huge to pass.

🤗This experience has taught me a LOT!

First and foremost; advocate for yourself. Be tenacious. Who gives a fuck if they think you are being a giant pain in the ass.

❓Ask questions. And keep asking questions until you get the answers you are looking for. I had quite an in-depth conversation with the anesthesiologist about what kind of

anesthesia he was using, and how long it would be in my system.

😃He actually asked me if I was a mom because moms always want to know all the answers in detail.

😂I said no, that’s just how my brain works. Lol

⭐️Fun fact- the longer you are under, the longer it takes to get it out of your system. And it can take up to three days to a week to feel back to normal.

❤️This experience has taught me a lot; ask for help when you need it; let go of expectations, focus on the present; let shit go; and continue to speak my mind and my truth all while coming from a place of love.

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