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What's the Story You are Telling Yourself?

I was talking with someone the other day about the stories we tell ourselves; they usually start with something that happened to us; we end up drawing our own conclusions based on what we perceive, and sometimes we can end up carrying those stories with us for a very long time!  When I was 10, I changed schools and I went from security, safety and belonging in my old school to insecurity and not belonging at all… someone who didn’t quite fit in; the kids teased me and made fun of the way I looked, particularly my hair. And the story I told myself There must be something wrong with me..

That left quite an impression on me For years this spilled into my inner dialogue, and into my life; I was full of judgement of myself, and for others; and  no matter how much I did, I always thought it was ever enough, and  things needed to always be a certain way before I could be happy and fulfilled. When I realized this all stemmed from my 10-year old self...a time when I felt there was something wrong with me and the way I looked, that was when the healing began. I realized, I could start bringing awareness to my inner dialogue, and stop telling myself the story that I wasn't enough. It all starts with awareness I am going to share with you some awareness strategies that I have used on myself and with my clients to  help with rewriting the old stories we  tell ourselves. Start to be aware of the not so encouraging things you say to yourself. Are you someone who says...

  1. "Once you loose this weight, then you can put on a bathing suit" "Once you have the time, you can do that hobby that brings you joy" "Once you do this one last thing, then you can rest" "You will never be able to do that so why try it?" "You're too old to do that!" These are just a few examples of the stories we tell ourselves that keep us from feeling comfortable with who we are...what's yours? Bring awareness to it; journal on it if you like!

Ask yourself What's the story behind you not being able to do the thing you want to do? Commit to one thing And start to reframe your self talk so can do the thing you really want to do!  Show yourself some love...TODAY! And send a message to yourself that you are ready for your new story to emerge; a story of Empowerment! Be sure to check out my blog post on self care for some great ideas!

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